Having worked as a general contractor building homes, Jason brings an expertise to new construction.

Client Care

Client Care is at the core of what Jason does with his business and he makes it a point to maintain every relationship he creates.

Headshot of Jason Jennings, an Ames, Iowa based relator

Jason Jennings

Jason Jennings moved to Ames from Dallas, Texas. He has worked in multiple jobs that served customer experience from insurance to Information Technology before moving to Ames. Since being in Ames Jason has worked in new construction building both custom and spec homes in the Ames area. He enjoys working with his clients and providing the best experience possible for them. With his passion for pleasing his clients and knowledge of housing he found his passion in Real Estate sales. In his free time, Jason loves spend time with his wife Shelly, and his dogs. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding, hunting and motorcycle rides.

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